Sunday, 26 June 2011

The full set

Just back from today's flyball racing.

I was really, really hot today. In the high 80 f which is a quick change from the rainy cold weather we have been having recently.

So it was a good chance to catch some rays.

And check out the unusual footwear.

Mind you the ground was quite hard so you did need to have a more comfortable sit down occasionally.

But back to the flyball racing, Breezes team got a 4th place in her division, my team got a 3rd in ours and Chips got a 2nd place in theirs. And to complete the full set Dares team got a first place in his division.

This is me in full on race mode today.

And this is Dare in full flight

Obviously Dare was quite pleased with himself.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Emerald Isle

They have just got back from a visit to Northern Ireland. Flying by plane from Heathrow to Belfast International airport.

They visited loads of places including the Giants Causeway.

Which was either built by a giant called Finn McCool or formed by volcanic eruptions 50 to 60 million years ago.

The giant version sounds much more plausible to me.

The weather was a bit rainy on and off but the views were spectacular.

They even parked near the top of a mountain to look out over a great looking bay.

They came across a ruined castle perched on the sea cliffs

and picturesque hidden away cottages .

But unfortunately they didn't take us dogs along

even though I dressed up especially.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers Day

Hope you are all having a very happy Fathers Day.

I can almost stand that tall.

I didn't know he had been in films...

Friday, 17 June 2011

My treat

Obedience training again this week.

I am practicing my sit stays

While being distracted to try and make me move.

Now that exercise is finished and I didn't break my stay, where is my treat?

Is it in that pocket?

(In case you wondered I am wearing a Gencon lead)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New best time!

Just back from the weekends flyball racing and we had a very successful time. Auntie Breezes team got a 4th place in their Division and we got a 3rd place in ours. Chips team did really well winning Division 2, they were seeded bottom of the division so its probably the best result they have ever had.

These are some pictures of me getting ready to run off the flyball box before the race.




Go !!!!

But even better than the results was my running times. I ran a new fastest ever time going sub 4.3 seconds for the first time with a run yesterday of just 4.28 seconds.

This is me and my team racing yesterday and you can see how fast I was going. (You see me running from the back in the first part of the video and I am the last dog racing in the second bit)

Unfortunately it rained loads overnight and again today (you would not think it was going to do so from the nice weather we had yesterday!) so Dare's team didn't get many races before the racing was called off but his claw seems fine.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Dare Stare

We are off to another Flyball tournament this weekend. We are going to a place near Reading in Berkshire which is just a shortish drive down the Motorway. So we should not be to jetlaged when we arrive to race.

Dare seems fighting fit again and has been zooming about in the Park after balls just to prove his fitness.

He has also been wearing some bandage on his legs when running about just to make sure he does not re pull what is left of his dew claw.

As you have probably read in one of the previous posts Dare is a fully fledged Border Collie and he does stare a lot but I am not sure if he prefers to stare at the boss.


or a ball...

What do you think ? (My money is on the ball!)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

There can be only one

You will be pleased to hear that Dare seems to be on the mend (paws crossed) this is him and Chip today in a rare coneless moment in the garden.

As I was getting no attention and the boss had the camera out I decided that me and Auntie Breeze would have a game of Tug.

She is actually quite strong and determined for a petite Border Collie.

Of course they was only going to be one winner...

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cone head Dare

Dare has injured his dew claw so had to go down the vets. They removed the nail and have put him on a course of antibiotics and anti inflammatories.

Unfortunately Dare is now wearing the dreaded cone.

Dare had been licking the area and its become inflamed and swollen so the cone is to give it all a chance to heal without him aggravating it further.

Obviously hes not happy about this as its a bit restricting. The vet said if it doesn't get better by next week he will have to go in and have an anaesthetic and have the rest removed so hopefully this will do the trick.

The boss had the same expression as Dare when they presented the bill...