Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A busy weekend!

We had a really busy weekend this weekend as on Sunday we had our first Flyball tournament of the year in Maidstone, Kent .

Back to front because at the end of the Tournament I was awarded my latest British Flyball Award, the Platinum milestone Award for gaining 25,000 points racing to make me the English Shepherd with the most ever points and the first one to get this award  (I have just overtaken my Dad!) 

The racing also went really well my team raced in Division 2 and we got the fastest race time in that division and we came fourth which was quite good as well. This is me racing with the boss (not sure about his tea-shirt colour however .

Chip also raced this week as he is the height dog in our Clubs fastest team and they were in Division 1 in this Tournament. He is actually quite small even for a height dog which brings the jump height down to their minimum height of 7" for his team ( the jumps are measured against the smallest dogs  in your team that are actually racing and the jump height can go up to 14" for dogs my size.) This is Chip with the boss before racing.

And getting ready to race.

His team won every race in division 1 and also got the fastest time of the day to win the Division and the Tournament . So very well done to him and his whole team as well.

So not a bad weekend all round!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Tuppence turns

We have had a very busy weekend. Saturday me, Chip and Tuppence all had flyball training me and Chip were fine tuning ourselves for next weeks indoor tournament in Maidstone  (Kent).

Tuppence who is learning flyball had her first go on a flyball box after only practicing on a shute so far. As you can see from this photo she did really realy well for a 1st attempt.

No pictures of me and Chip this post but Dare and Auntie Breeze got to go over the park instead.

They both enjoyed themselves apparently. Auntie Breeze liked the view from the path of the river

And Dare had a big grin on his face ...

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Having a splashing time

Its been very wet and windy in the UK recently and although that's been very bad for some its made the local Parks quite fun.

For splashing in puddles.

Launch yourself out of.


Dashing about in

Or even just standing still in...

Tuppence look a bit like a German Shepherd in this photo but she is pure bred English Shepherd, honest!