Monday, 30 December 2013

Long legs

If Tuppences legs get any longer she will be able to step over our stairgate   ...

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Its been a while

We have not posted on the blog for a while but we are still around. So before the year came to an end I thought we better update things!

This is me a few weeks ago having my photo taken outside the house. I still look the almost same...

This is Chip who as you can see is still finding all the best spots to sit and not fussed what he uses!

Tuppence has changed the most from a little puppy to a lanky teenager.

This is not her best photo (but I chose it!) This is a bit better one of her with me in the background .

Dare looks exactly the same (you couldn't tell if he is getting any greyer...)

And Breeze is still Breeze :-) This is her protesting after being taken for a walk in the rain recently...

Will try to update you on all the 2013 developments in the next few days .

Thursday, 15 August 2013

British Flyball Championships

We are off to the 2013 British Flyball Championships tomorrow. Both me and Chip are racing on Sunday. There are a total of 45 divisions across the 3 days and most divisions have 6 teams in them so thats about 270 teams competing!

I am racing in Division 14 and this is me with my Ice Blue Moon Flyball milestone award that I got in June.


But clever  Chip is actually racing in Division 2 in the 9th fastest seeded team in Britain.  This is him with the Pearl Flyball Award that he also got in June. Chip is the 1st ever Patterdale to get this Fyball Award.   

Wish us both luck with our teams over the weekend!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

She has grown a bit

Tuppence is nearly 15 weeks old now and she is growing fast.

She is into everything at the moment and never seems to sit still for long.

Unless its time for bed ... !

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Say Hello to Tuppence

After a few weeks away from us bloging we are back... So say hello to the new English Shepherd member of our pack Tuppence.

Tuppence is a Sable English Shepherd (I am Black and Tan) and from the first litter of Sables born in the UK. ES's are rare are Sables are even rarer!

She does zoom about a lot at the moment.

But she is still very little and can fit into some very tight spaces!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Flyball, Flyball, Flyball...

Well thought I should post something after so long if for no other reason than to prove we were still about! We had a Flyball tournament at the weekend in sunny Cambridgeshire. They had a great photographer there who took some impressive action shots. 

This is little Chip doing a fantastic box turn in Division 1.

Watts Photography: Division 1 (pm) &emdash; Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball - April 2013

And zooming along quite quickly

Watts Photography: Division 1 (pm) &emdash; Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball - April 2013 

 He doesn’t hang about for a little one!

This is me having a zoom as well.

Watts Photography: Division 4 (am) &emdash; Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball - April 2013

I think you will agree that I take a much better photograph...

And I cross over with the next dog in my team quite well !

Watts Photography: Division 4 (am) &emdash; Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball - April 2013
We are off to another tournament this coming weekend as well.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Auntie Wizz

Congratulations to my Sister Holly who has just had her pups. 10 altogether, 6 girls and 4 boys.

Mum and my new nephews and nieces all doing fine. 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nice day for a walk

Its amazing how fast the snow disappears but at least it meant we got a good run out today.

The sun came out a bit when we were in the park and it was still a bit chilly as the wind was strong and gusty today.

 The grass doesn’t seem to be affected from all that snow.

Apart  from where its has turned into temporary pools which are great for zooming through.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Holly's website

My Twin Holly has a great new website and she is shortly expecting pups soon so its quite exciting :-)

This is a link to it   looking forward to seeing the webcam with all those puppies when they arrive.

Now its time for a bit of preperation for my next flyball tournament...


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snowy Flyball

We had our second Flyball tournament of the year on Sunday. Its been snowing quite a lot in the UK at the moment so the car park was quite interesting at Maidstone market where the tournament was held.

Plus the drive there and back was a bit slower than normal although to be fair the gritters kept all the roads nice and clear.

No race pictures this  time but as it was indoors we all had a snow free time. Unless we were using the outside toilet facilities...

We both did really well with our teams. I got a 4th place with mine and Chip got a great 1st place with his team who raced in Division one. So it was really worth going along.

This is both of us siting nice and cozy in the car with Chips 1st place rosette on show.

The boss says that's not a cat bed that Chips got but I am not so sure...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Training Day

Me and Chip had a trip to Essex today as our Club was doing some joint training with another flyball Club, Ramsden. It was nice and sunny despite there being a weather forecast we could have some snow.

We had a good training session and some competitive racing against some dogs we didn't know which spiced things up a bit.

We are off to another Tournament next week so this different sort of training should hopefully help a bit with our racing.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Real cone

Dare visited the vets and has had the bandages off and its all on the mend. But because its on his front foot he is now wearing a traditional dog cone to stop him nibbling the stitches.

Who me ... 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

We are back

It was our first session back at obedience training last night after the Christmas break and someone really enjoyed themselves.

Also Dare is getting on well with his bandages. I should have a better update hopefully tomorrow on how he is progressing.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Poor Dare...

Dare has not got off  to a good start this year unfortunately he somehow cut/sliced the back of his leg above his paw. This has resulted in him having to have an operation under anaesthetic to hopefully sort it out.  He never had any injuries when he did flyball! 

He is not very happy with all this as you can see.  He is back to the vets tomorrow to have the bandages removed.

 The boss says thank goodness we have insurance so we will get some of the money back.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

1st Flyball Tournament of the Year

We were at or first flyball tournament of the Year last weekend my new Club don't hang about!  It wasn't that far away so we didn't have to travel to far. It was indoors but they had a photographer so we got some decent photos.

I came 2nd in Division three with my team and as you can see I enjoyed myself.

Chip was racing in Division 1 with his team and they also got a second  place. You can get an idea in this photograph just how small he is compared to me.

He also has a great turn off the box as this photo shows.

Its flyball  training this weekend and then another tournament the week after. So its all go, go, go already!

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Puppys for the New Year?

Iif you live in the UK and are thinking of a new dog for the new year Jackie who bred me has two boy puppies from her latest litter available.

Both are real English Shepherds and still only 8 weeks old

Two real bundles of fun just looking for a nice home

. If you are interested in one of theselovely  lads you can contact Jackie via the UK English Shepherd website, which on the link bar to the right of this post .