Monday, 28 March 2011

At the weekend

We are just chilling out today from all the flyball racing at the weekend.

On Sunday my team got a third place in Division two with a best time of 18.87 and Auntie Breeze's team got a 4th place in Division 5 with a best time of 21.04.

On Saturday Chips team raced in Division 1 (against amongst other teams our Clubs 1st team!) his team got a best time of 18.66 seconds which is pretty quick! Dare's team were in Division 4 and they got a fourth place with a best time of 20.65 seconds.

This is a video of Chips team (Grease Lightning) racing the 1st team (Lightning Strikes) Chips team are the farthest away from the camera, they were not that far behind.

We also got our latest British Flyball Association certificates awarded.

Chip and Auntie Breeze got there Silver milestone awards Awards for gaining 10,000 points last year and I got my Flyball Dog Graduate award for 3,000 points.

It wasn't all flyball however as there was some lovely walks around the Leisure Centre for zoomies.

It was very picturesque.

And even Chips doppelganger came along to join in...

Friday, 25 March 2011

On the way

We are off to another flyball tournament this weekend its indoors at Leatherhead again. Dare and Chip are racing on Saturday and me and Auntie Breeze are racing Sunday.

In the meantime we have been enjoying a mini warm spring sunny spell here in West London.

Anyway enough of the weather forecast, when are you going to throw that tennis ball?

Thats better.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Out and about

We had a great long run in the park today. I was out and about with Auntie Breeze & Dare.

But for some (Border Collie again) reason it was quite difficult to get hold of my own tennis ball.

No matter how hard I try they always seem to get there first. Hang on I might have spotted a spare one.

That's better!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Red Nose Day

It was Red Nose day yesterday. For those of you that don't live in the UK its a big day for charity donations to the Comic Relief event. There are loads of fun programmes on the BBC TV & Radio with a comedy theme and people raise lots of money. This is their website .

You can buy special Red Nose day stuff including (obviously) red noses. This is me with mine, clearly it was beneath my dignity to actually have it on put over nose so it was stuck to my collar.

They raised a massive £74.3 million yesterday which is really impressive.

But I am sure you can do more with this nose than just wear it. Hang on, is anyone still looking at me?

I think its worth a quick nibble...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Chip and the Bath...

With spring in the air Chip has taken the opportunity to have a bath. (I don't think he had much of a choice really...)

And this is a short video of the said event.

Actually I think he is far to well behaved for a Terrier!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Quite week

After last weekends excitement it has been a fairly quite week so far. Some obedience training on Wednesday as normal and we have flyball training to come on Sunday.

Its getting much lighter in the evenings now so we can look forward to some longer runs in the park again.

This is me enjoying myself today in the local Park and as you can see the grass has just been cut so there was that lovely smell of freshly cut grass in the air as we all ran about.

Of course I was dashing around after a tennis ball and stopping to have a chew between throws.

But unfortunately one off the downsides of tennis ball chewing is that it gives you a very slobbery grin...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rocket Relay Training

On Saturday we went all the way to Newark in Nottinghamshire to do some special flyball training.

If we thought it was a long way to go the two trainers Kelly and Aaron had come even further, all the way from Canada! They are from a Flyball team called Rocket Relay and were doing a talk on how to improve flyball training . Me and Chip both had some one to one training with Kelly in the afternoon as well.

While I was waiting to have my turn we checked out some training gear. Well obviously I found watching the other dogs more interesting.

Until some interesting smells caught my attention.

I need some work on speeding up my runbacks so I did some work on running back to a tuggy as I am a bit tennis ball obsessed (apparently!)

This is a Video of Chip doing some work on making his already great swimmers turns on the flyball box even better. How does he catch the tennis ball springing out of the box and still turn so fast ?

Its a bit like one of those magicians tricks that you see on the TV!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Sister & My Sister

If you have followed this blog for a while you may remember when I met my litter Sister Abbie last year. I was competing at a flyball competition and she came to see me. Abbie lives North of London with her family.

Well Abbie has met another English Shepherd called
Sookie. She is from my Mum and Dads 2nd litter so she is my younger Sister! This is both of them in the Park this week.

I think Sookie is the one on the left with the lead and Abbie is the one on the right. Apparently Sookie is a bit larger and heaver than Abbie.

This Abbie showing Sookie how you should hold a branch.

As you can see beauty runs in the family...