Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pretty as a picture

I had a bit of a calm start to the new week after all the excitement of the weekend. Chip went to Agility training so I had a nice walk around the picturesque nearby village.

This is a old cottage in the main street.

An interesting old style road sign

A very strangely named Public House

And me!

Do you think they use that watering can to water all those flowers?

Monday, 30 August 2010

Chips day

There was more flyball again yesterday at the tournament near Hastings.

Dare and Auntie Breeze were in the same team and they got a fourth place in their Division.

Chips team was in the rarefied air of the second division this week so he had to make those little legs move as fast as possible.

I think he looked quite in the mood waiting to race.

And he certainly turned fast on the box after getting the tennis ball.

He did some very close changeovers with his teammates

And he made those little legs move very,very fast indeed.

So he and his team got a second place in division two, which was very impressive. Well done to Chip and the rest of his team.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


More flyball today at a tournament near Battle which is not far from Hastings.

Now for those of you that know your English history that is the site of a famous battle (hence the name) which took place in 1066. Harold the newly crowned Anglo-Saxon King fought and lost against the invader a Norman called William who then became King.

As you can see its lovely countryside around there.

These were taken from the field we were racing which overlooks a nearby village.

But back to the flyball, my team did quite well coming 5th in our division. And I am getting faster with a best time today of 4.8 seconds.

The boss thinks there was another English theme today, a literary one.

Check out the nice Dr Jekyll

And doing Flyball, Mrs Hyde...

Chip, Dare & Auntie Breeze are all racing tomorrow.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Its been raining quite a bit these last few days in West London. Not as much as it other parts of the UK but its enough to make the parks grass green up again quite well.

On a different and completely unrelated subject I have noticed that Auntie Breeze and Dare being Border Collies stare a lot at stuff.

Being an English Shepherd I am really not sure what the fascination is with staring at things.

I think its much better just to pick them up give them a good chew.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Good Citizen

Well I took my obedience test this week and I passed. The test was the Kennel Club's Bronze Good Citizen.

I also got second place in the test which I took with lots of other dogs at my dog training club.

This is me with my certificate and rosettes.

So next week I switch classes to start working on the next level which is Silver.

Have you ever noticed that when you are having your picture taken someone always watch to join in and be in the shot.

It had to be Chip...

Thursday, 19 August 2010

More camping photos

Just a few more camping pictures to share with you from the weekend.

The weather was a bit 'changeable' as you can see from this picture, we didn't need to rinse the washing up that night...

Staying in a tent was a bit different Dare really enjoyed it. If you look carefully you can see me sharing a seat in this picture.

The sleeping arrangements were a bit cramped but we finally sorted it out in the end.

But all that fresh air , the views

and peaceful countryside was lovely.

Monday, 16 August 2010

2010 British Flyball Championships

Well what an exciting 3 days! We were in Warwickshire at the 2010 Championships and we camped in a tent in really big field.

There was 41 divisions with 6 teams in each division and between 4-6 dogs in each team. So there were loads and loads of other dogs and it was obviously my job to bark at every dog that walked past our camping site.

We had lots of spare time to play whilst we waited to race so me and Auntie Breeze had a nice game of tuggy. (I always let her win)

Chip occupied himself by rubbing himself upside down on the carpet.

Auntie Breezes Team Lightning Sprites ran on Friday in division 30 and they got a 5th place. She was quite tired after the racing, must be an age thing.

I then raced on Saturday with my team Lightning Flash in division 20 and we got a third place. We all all given a rosette and some food as our prize. I ran most of the races and everyone was very pleased with me.

Chip and Dare were in Grease Lightning and raced on Sunday in division 8. They did really well winning their division. They got a rosette and a trophy and a big bag of food.

Chip of course was super swift again and there were teams from all over the Britain and most of the ones he was racing against had not seen him before. So they had a big shock when such a small dog ran so fast.

This is Chip doing a very quick turn on the flyball box.

Also racing down to get his ball.

And of course not forgetting Dare in Racing mode who always enjoys himself at flyball tournaments.

I did enjoy the camping but its nice to be back home again. Now where has the boss hidden that food we won...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Off to the Champs

We are off to the British Flyball Championships today.

Auntie Breeze is racing on Friday with her team. I am racing on Saturday with mine and Dare & Chip are racing on Sunday with theirs.

Wish us all luck (and keep your fingers crossed!)

I will let you know how we all get on.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Auntie Breeze can do better

Well it was day two of week two on Sunday of the Jets flyball tournaments (hope you are still following this !) and Chip and Auntie Breeze were both racing with their respective flyball teams.

Chips team managed 5th in Division two against some blisteringly fast teams,this is him at full speed.

And crossing with teammate Oz

But Auntie Breezes and her team got 1st place not losing a race all day. That's after also getting a first place in the flyball tournament last week.

This her and her teammates.

I must remember to get some racing tips from her.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

1st place !

We were back at Fairview farm again today for the second of the two Jets tournaments. We had a really nice time again. Dares team came third in Division 3 and my team won Division 5!

This is me and my team mates Merlot, Derby, Jack and Ruby (that's me on the end)

And this is me having a break between races, do you like the colour of my tuggy lead?

Even though Chip was not racing today in one of the teams (he is doing it tomorrow) He came along anyway to watch us not wanting to be outdone he took part in a singles competition and came second overall in the small dogs racing with a time of 4.63 seconds.

This is him with Leo one of our teammates waiting to start his singles racing.

He is so loud and noisy...

Friday, 6 August 2010

Tired out

I think this week as just caught up with me, flyball at the weekend, loads of walks and my obedience training on Wednesday evening.

I need a bit of a time out...

Thursday, 5 August 2010

More weekend Racing

Over the weekend the Dare, Chip & Auntie Breeze also raced at the flyball tournament. Whilst I came 2nd with my team the others all got 1st places in there teams!

Auntie Breeze came 1st with Lightning Sprites who were in Division 6. This is her racing the other team to get the ball.

And also racing back over the Jumps.

Dare and Chip were in the Lightning Sparks team who won Division 3. This is Chip just after finishing a race.

I think he needs a smaller harness or some bigger dinners ;-)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Great Weekend

Well I had a really exhausting and exciting weekend. We were all racing at a tournament in Stockbridge, Hampshire run by the Jets. My team was Lightning Flash and we came second in our Division which was great.

As you can see I do get a bit excited when I am waiting to have my go.

And even more excited when I actually race.

I raced loads and loads of times and everyone said I did really well.

I even got all my paws on the box for a good swimmers turn, which is faster but also much better for me to avoid injuries.

I am looking forward to going back there again next weekend for some more racing.