Thursday, 12 August 2010

Off to the Champs

We are off to the British Flyball Championships today.

Auntie Breeze is racing on Friday with her team. I am racing on Saturday with mine and Dare & Chip are racing on Sunday with theirs.

Wish us all luck (and keep your fingers crossed!)

I will let you know how we all get on.


Valerie said...

I do wish you all good luck. Have a wonderful time and show 'em what you can really do.

George the Lad said...

Hi I've just popped in from A Tail of Two Cardis, A uk blogger there's not many of us around,
I've put you to follow so will be popping back to see want you get up to.
See Yea george xxx

Taryn said...

Best of Luck!

Helene said...

What an athletic family! Hope you all have fun at the Championships.Looking forward to your next update about this weekends' races. Good Luck!