Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wordless Want it Wednesday

Flyball Sunday

Well we raced last Sunday for our new Flyball Club,  Tails we Win. Me and Chip didn't race in the same team for a change and I think this will probably nearly always be the case in our new Club unless we do Multibreed Flyball tournaments.

I raced in the 2nd division with my team for this tournament  there name was Tails we Win. We did very well and I got to run against one of my old Flyball Clubs teams which was great fun for me and the boss!  

Chip was racing in the 1st Div with his new team which was called Heads or Tails. He has never raced in the 1st Division at an Open Flyball competition before so this was new territory for both him and the boss.

Chip did really well (of course!) and once he (the boss) sorted out his changes with the new dogs  they really flew. Chip did loads of 4.6 second legs, which is very quick for a 7" height dog and his team got a new fastest race time of 17.63 seconds. They finished 4th in Division 1 which is great for the 1st tournament with the Club.

I think Chip enjoyed himself as much as I did with all our new Club mates.      

Saturday, 24 November 2012

It was the night before...


We are off tomorrow to our 1st Flyball tournament with our new Flyball Club, Tails you Win tomorrow. So we had a very quite day today so we are not all tired out for tomorrow.

Chip did  his impression of a Cat with a bit of light snoozing.

And finished of the day inspecting what he is hoping is his new food bowl...

Wish us both luck for tomorrow!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas TV Adverts

OK I know its only November but we are already being assailed on TV by advertisements for buying lot of expensive stuff we don't need or want for Christmas already.

This is the 2012 John Lewis advert. This companies ones always seems to be the exception to all the others .

I assume it must have been an English Shepherd herding those sheep :-)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nice Present

I have been given either a late Birthday or a very early Christmas present to wear with my new Club at my debut flyball tournament on Sunday.

Can you guess from it what our new team colours are? I think that the new harness that Chip has got to wear may also give you a clue.

Not sure Chip thinks that it is his favourite colour...

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunny day

Me and Chip were training with our new Flyball Team today and have our first flyball tournament with them next week! This is me with Ollie and his boss and as you can see it was  lovely and Sunny for an autumn  day.

My new team are called 'Tails we Win', so hopefully we will from time to time :-)



Saturday, 17 November 2012

Back again

The boss is still not back up to speed blog wise but we have been still been busy flyball racing. This is a photo of me with my European Championship Trophy, my European Championship speed trial winners plate, my British  Championship Trophy and my Gold BFA certificate.

With a few 1st place tournament rosettes thrown in for good measure!

Not to be outdone this is Chip with the same awards (we were both in the same team) but he has his BFA Platinum flyball award, a much higher one.

 And both of us together (I think Chips in front of my certificate on purpose...)

We are racing again next weekend so its just training tomorrow. But the big news is we have both joined a new Club so will be racing in new teams and with new dogs.... More updates shortly (hopefully!)