Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nice Present

I have been given either a late Birthday or a very early Christmas present to wear with my new Club at my debut flyball tournament on Sunday.

Can you guess from it what our new team colours are? I think that the new harness that Chip has got to wear may also give you a clue.

Not sure Chip thinks that it is his favourite colour...


Anonymous said...

I liked you previous colours better, but you will look very good in pink. I can understand Chip's reluctance though. Good luck with your new team.

Taryn said...

Pretty in Pink!

Charlene and Storm said...

now you guys have to be our sworn enemy, dont you know turquoise is the future!!!!!
whenever im walking along and i see people who wear red or pink it hurts my eyes, they are the sworn enemy of blue and green you know!
quick guys get eating them so you can have your turquoise gear back on :)

Have a great weekend

Charlene and Stormy

Sam said...

I love your new collar!