Sunday, 29 July 2012

European Champion

We were at the European Flyball Championship on Saturday me and Chip were in the same team again as last week.

It was the first time I have competed in the European Championships although Chip went to Belgium two years ago to have a go. There were loads of teams from different countries all over Europe.

It was a very different format than the normal Flyball racing we do.

There were speed trials in the the morning to get your teams seeding and then in the afternoon we had the competitive racing a bit like a cup competition. But it was called double elimination so you could lose once and then drop down to race another team.  


We won all our races in the afternoon to go into the finals unbeaten and then raced a very good team from Austria. 

We had some more great close flyball racing in the final but also beat them to win our Division and to be crowned as the European Champions from our Division.   

This is me with my team mates and some of the other countries flags.   

And a closer photo off us all. Chip is the little dog being held.

And this is me with my own European Championships winners rosette and the team winner’s trophy.

So say hello to Wizz a European Flyball Champion! 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gold and the O Word

AS promised here is a photograph of me with the Gold Flyball award that I collected last week. Apparently I look a bit pleased with myself.

I suppose I better mention the Olympics that you may have heard is taking place in my home town starting this weekend. Confusingly the football has already started with the Britain women's team winning yesterday and the men's playing today as this blog is being typed, before the opening ceremony happens tomorrow!

Chips looking forward to cheering the home sides and individuals on when they take part and has been having a bit of a practise.

Well we are off  to the European Flyball Championships on Saturday and its being held in England this year. Me and Chip are racing in the same team again so wish us both luck.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Another 1st and Gold

In the (unusually) Sunny weather today we were at another flyball tournament and it was quite nearby which was nice.  I was racing in a new team with Chip and some other dogs for the 1st time ever.

We didn't lose a race all day so we obviously won the division which was  even nicer. Chip raced really well as usual. Very quick again for a 7" height dog doing some fast time, I think in the mid 4 seconds.

I went quite quick again this week. I think my fastest time of the day was 4.2 seconds and our team did a fastest time of 18.41 seconds.

This is me racing today against another team. I am the dog on the right hand side lane. The  photos a bit small so you might have to click on it to see me properly.

I also got presented my British Flyball Association Gold Flyball award today for gaining 15,000 points in races, its my BFA 6 title so far. I will have picture taken with it next week so you can all see it!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012

A bit of Sunshine

Its been wet all week again unfortunately. The ground where we go flyball training was unusable on Sunday because of all the rain so it was called off. As luck would have it the Sun did come out and things dried out quite quickly so were were able to have a bit of a sniff in our back garden.

I think someone needs to mow the lawn again...

Friday, 13 July 2012

Old English

I finally got to go out in our 1963 Morris Minor as we used it to go to obedience training this week. Can you see me peaking over that Union Jack cushion in the back?

This is a bit better better photo of me looking out the back side window apart from all that refection off the glass.

It was nice to look outside though the back windows as we travelled along. Normally we are in crates in the back of our other car so we don't get a very good chance to look outside. You can't see Auntie Breeze as she was being good and led down on the back seat.

But you may have noticed there are no seat belts in the car... being 49 years old apparently you do have them fitted! Its very noisy compared to our other car and a lot bouncier. Well I suppose cars do improve and change in nearly 50 years. But it got us all to the training class and back OK, if a little bit more slowly.

I wonder how many of the other cars that were parked at training with us this week will still be around in 49 year time?

And isn't it a very tiny car compared with those big modern ones we were parked with !

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012

Quite weekend

No Flyball tournaments last weekend so a bit of a quite couple of days.

We did have flyball training on Sunday and we tried out some new teams which seemed to go quite well. Me and Chip will be racing in the same team for a while so it should be exciting to see what happens.

 Flyball training however can be quite tiring...

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Spot the difference ?

What is big difference between this photo of me in the back garden.

 And this one?

Well someone was finally forced to mow the lawn as it was starting to look more like a meadow.

Unfortunately we have had so much rain recently its been difficult to find the right time to cut it (well that's the poor excuse the boss came up with...)

OK lets try this shorter grass out properly!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Obedient Auntie Breeze

Auntie Breeze went to her first real Obedience show today. The rest of us stayed at home whilst she had a bit of one to one time at the show. 

Although she is not a puppy being a 6 years old Border Collie she has only just started doing obedience more seriously.  Auntie Breeze has her Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club good citizen awards (like me)  but competitive obedience is a lot harder.

She was competing in the beginners class today which is a bit higher than she should be doing but this show did not have the lower pre beginner classes.   This is her getting ready for the stay exercise with the other beginners

And checking where the camera was.


I think she had a nice time and I bet it was all a bit calmer than our normal Flyball tournaments!