Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A view from the Weekend

I didn't get to race again this weekend as I was still very attractive unfortunately. But Chip did and my old team got second place in their Division.

No action photos of the racing this week but how about this for a spectacular view from the banks of the canal where the flyball racing was held.

Its almost  like a view from an old Constable painting, if you click on the photo with your cursor you will see the full effect.

This  is another view with some swans swiming past, very tranquil.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sunny day

Its lovely today the sun has come out and although I am still stuck in the garden its very pleasant outside.

It does bring a smile to you face when the weather is so nice.

I think someone needs to mow the lawn again soon...

Monday, 10 September 2012

Nice flyball venue (that I missed!)

From all the reports and photos I missed a terrific  flyball tournament this weekend. Lovely weather and the venue was just on the banks of the River Thames in Mapledurham near Reading in Berkshire.

Chip seized the opportunity to have a nice cool dip at lunchtime in the river of course.

Dare had a great time racing. 

Dare enjoys his days out as much as the rest off us do but obviously looks very handsome being a Blue Merle Border Collie 

Chip had his normal spectacular racing display but I think (not modestly) my team really missed me!

 Mapledurham is the home of the last working watermill on the River Thames so looks very old worldly apparently.

 Obviously it looks even nicer in when the weather is so good.

And a great part of the world to visit never mind race at flyball.

 And I understand that Chip finished off his day there with another dip in the river just for luck.


Saturday, 8 September 2012

I can't go to flyball...

Well I am unfortunately  only allowed in the garden as I am 'unusually attractive' . So I will miss out on tomorrows flyball tournament which is a really pain.

Chip and Dare are both going and I will be stuck here with Auntie Breeze. So the only flies I will see at the moment are the ones I am hunting for in our garden ...


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dover Flyball

Not a bad day yesterday after a silly early start (5.45am drive) we arrived at a very nice venue near the town of Dover and you could even see the sea from the Motorway as we drove in. Some good racing from my team with a slight change to the team members although me and Chip were together again.

Chip did his now super impressive box turns as normal and a couple of 4.6 second runs which was excellent.

We eventually came third in our division which wasn't bad and we improved the teams seed time which was also good.

Auntie Breeze came out of retirement for the day and got a couple of runs, so she is having a bit of a rest today after all the exercise!

 Dare got quite a few runs as well but he is always more interested in whats going on around him although he does the flyball bit OK as well.

And he look very pretty at the same time!