Sunday, 29 January 2012

An even better Day

We had back to back weekends of flyball tournaments so we were off yesterday to Wood Green in Cambridgeshire for a Saturday of extreme barking...

It was a bit further away than last week and 'up North' from us. Very chilly outside but hot and noisy inside inside with two flyball races happening in separate race lanes at the same time.

I had an even better weekends racing than last week going 4.2 seconds twice and ran loads of 4.3 second legs which is very fast for me indoors. Also me and my team got second place in our Division. This is us racing, I am last dog.

Dares team went one better than me and got a first place in their Division (not bad for a Border Collie!) .

Chip of course couldn't be out done and him and his team also got first place in their Division.

We are all a bit tired today from all the running, not sure Chip was impressed being disturbed to have his picture taken whilst having a nap recovering ...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Good Day

We were at Maidstone in Kent today for our 1st Flyball tournament of the year. Bit of an early start at 6am this morning but we all had a pretty successful time.

Auntie Breezes team Lightning Sprites did well and got a fastest time of 22.30 seconds in Division 6. Dare raced with Lightning Storm in Division 5 and he got a second place which is all the more impressive as they only had 4 dogs in that team so he had to race all the legs.

I raced in Division 4 and my team Lightning Flash got a 4th place, I did quite a few 4.4second legs and never ran under 4.9seconds all day. This is a video of me and my team racing. I am the last dog.

Unfortunately Chips team , Grease Lightning, also ran in the same Division as mine and they beat us. They also won all their races to come 1st in the Division.

Fortunately there isn't a video of us racing each other but this is one them racing some other teams. Chips the 'small blur' last dog at the end of his team.

They do say 'Chip eats Collies for Breakfast' and you can see why!

Saturday, 21 January 2012


We have our first flyball tournament of 2012 tomorrow, so no walks today.

Its very boring hanging around the house all day with nothing to do.

Is it time to go yet...

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunny Weekend

We had a lovely sunny Saturday & Sunday in London this week. A bit chilly but the Sun really shone when we were all out and about.

I am sure I have said this before but have you ever noticed that when you are having your picture taken some stupid person is standing to one side of you making silly signs or faces?

With me its generally Chip...

On a slightly different subject we have our very first flyball tournament of the year next weekend so we had a final training session this weekend. This is a slow motion video of Chip being a bit more serious with his box turns at training on Sunday.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Terrier Obedience

Chip joined one of the training classes at my Obedience Club this week the first one after the Christmas break.

He already has his Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen Award, which he got a couple of years ago but has not been to any obedience training since then so he has a bit of work to do before he can do his Silver.

Is 'Terrier Obedience' an oxymoron ?

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A smelly tail

The boss bought this in Asda this week. It was reduced in price from the other similar animal tuggie toys because I assume its a skunk.

It has already had the stuffing taken out of it which I think spoils some of the fun but not its attraction to us dogs...

But it also has two squeakers which makes it practically irresistible to a certain small Terrier.

OK I think its time I had a play with it now.

Monday, 2 January 2012

First time

A new year and a brand new experience. We all went down the beach today and I saw the sea for the very first time. Yes it does sound a bit silly living on an island and waiting so long to see the sea but it was worth the wait.

It was very windy today but the sun came out and it all looked very picturesque. The sea water was a bit chilly as I discovered, well tried to avoid discovering...

It didn't seem to bother Chip but he is a terrier so that probably explains why.

Dare got a bit of a blow dry in all the wind.

And of course Auntie Breeze never got a paw wet.

We went to a beach at a place called Hayling Island which is Hampshire and not to far away to drive. This YouTube video gives you an idea of just how windy it was.