Sunday, 29 April 2012


Despite the heavy rain continuing in London, it was really heavy overnight and again this morning, we all got out OK for our exercise in the Park between the showers today.


At least its making the grass nice and green and soft to dash about on.

  And then they all went to the cinema to watch the new Avengers movie. Going to watch a film at the cinema is the other thing (apart from try not to walk your dog!) that you do on a wet weekend .

One of the characters in the film is called the Hulk and he reminded everyone of someone apparently.

 Don't make me angry!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

More Rain

Continuing from the weekend we have had loads of rain and today its been windy which is  a bit of a pain. This photo doesn't really do justice to the changeable conditions at the moment .

Anyway it fortunately hasn't stopped us going out for our daily zoom about in the park.

 Apart from it can unfortunately cut the time out a bit short when it it really pelts down. So you do have to keep an eye those really dark clouds just in case its going to rain again.

OK enough chat and lets get on with that tennis ball throwing before those dark clouds and the rain arrives again.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Monday, 23 April 2012

A wet Weekend

We were  in Cambridge this weekend at our latest Flyball competition. The weather was unbelievably changeable, one minute sunny the next raining. So it got very wet and muddly which didn’t help our racing times. 

You can see in this photo just how wet and muddy it started to get.

Of course barking was not enough for Chip so he decided it was more fun to Tug my tuggy which obviously makes it very difficult to hold our Tuggy leads which must be part of the fun...

So I had a go at the same time with his tuggy . This is probably nearly as much fun as flyball , for the dogs

The Flyball went quite well dispite the conditions (which is just as well)  This is a video of me racing yesterday. I am the last dog , note my wagging tail.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A bit late

Whoops we are getting a bit behind on the blog, sorry! We had a very eventful tournament weekend and came second in the flyball multibreed. It was quite thirsty work.

For those of you that don't know in muitibreed flyball each of the 4 dogs running in a race have to be a different breed. So as most dogs in flyball are generally Border Collies or cross breeds it gives the rest of us a chance to shine.

Obviously Chips a bit of a star turn in this type of flyball.

And he pulled out a 4.5 second leg over the weekend which is mighty fast for a little 7" height dog. He did good box turns as well.

But my prize for the best photo from the tournament goes to this one of Dare checking out the opposition as he crosses the finishing line...

We are off again this weekend for some more flyball racing. Hope the rain stays away!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Happy Birthday

It's Auntie Breeze's Birthday today she is 6 years old. I am sure all she wants for her Birthday is for someone to throw that tennis ball.

At least a hundred times... Happy Birthday Auntie Breeze.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Royal Windsor shopping

Whilst I was having my rest today they went to Windsor shopping without me. Its only about 1/2hrs drive from where we live. Yes that the place the Queen has a house for when she is not in London. Its quite big (Her Castle.)

But its not until you get close to the Castle you realise how big it is.

With some very tall towers.

They went shopping near one of the two railway stations.

Which did have this nice old Train in it.

And although they didn't take me they did see some nice dogs. These were two of them and their Mum let us take photos of them for this blog.

Not sure I will any of these sort racing in the Multibreed Flyball on Monday but you never know!

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Sun had his hat on

It went quite well today. We had some great racing with my team Lightning Flash. Although I was a but rusty in the morning once I had blown off the cobwebs I was flying in the afternoon. I think I did one 4.4 and a few 4.5 second legs so that's not bad.

This is me doing a close change (crossover) with a team mate called Leo. He is a Patterdale Terrier cross so his almost a relative of Chip!

And the sight of that tuggy always makes me zoom back from the box super fast...

I am back on Monday for the Multibreed Flyball so I better have a good rest over the weekend.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

First outdoor of the Season

We are off to the 1st outdoor Flyball tournament of the season tomorrow its being held in Stockbridge in Hampshire about an hour away .

I am racing tomorrow in the open competition and again on Monday in the Multibreed Flyball Competition with Chip in my team. One or two of our pack are racing every day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday so its a busy weekend.

Chips been practicing with a full sized tennis ball.

And he seems quite pleased with himself.

I think we will have some tasty Flyball racing this Bank Holiday weekend!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

No April fool

What a glorious day today was for a Dog show. We all went along to watch Auntie Breeze take part in her first obedience show with her Club today. Although she didn't win we all had a good time.

This is Auntie Breeze today with the rest of her team.

I enjoyed watching her and having treats, obviously the treats more than the watching .

And Chip enjoyed the nice fresh air...