Friday, 6 April 2012

The Sun had his hat on

It went quite well today. We had some great racing with my team Lightning Flash. Although I was a but rusty in the morning once I had blown off the cobwebs I was flying in the afternoon. I think I did one 4.4 and a few 4.5 second legs so that's not bad.

This is me doing a close change (crossover) with a team mate called Leo. He is a Patterdale Terrier cross so his almost a relative of Chip!

And the sight of that tuggy always makes me zoom back from the box super fast...

I am back on Monday for the Multibreed Flyball so I better have a good rest over the weekend.


Michelle said...

Great shot at the last!

Valerie said...

Even humans have hard to get going mornings. You did well to pick up.