Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Flyball Sunday

Well we raced last Sunday for our new Flyball Club,  Tails we Win. Me and Chip didn't race in the same team for a change and I think this will probably nearly always be the case in our new Club unless we do Multibreed Flyball tournaments.

I raced in the 2nd division with my team for this tournament  there name was Tails we Win. We did very well and I got to run against one of my old Flyball Clubs teams which was great fun for me and the boss!  

Chip was racing in the 1st Div with his new team which was called Heads or Tails. He has never raced in the 1st Division at an Open Flyball competition before so this was new territory for both him and the boss.

Chip did really well (of course!) and once he (the boss) sorted out his changes with the new dogs  they really flew. Chip did loads of 4.6 second legs, which is very quick for a 7" height dog and his team got a new fastest race time of 17.63 seconds. They finished 4th in Division 1 which is great for the 1st tournament with the Club.

I think Chip enjoyed himself as much as I did with all our new Club mates.      

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Sam said...

How fun! We know your new team is going to be wonderful.