Saturday, 17 November 2012

Back again

The boss is still not back up to speed blog wise but we have been still been busy flyball racing. This is a photo of me with my European Championship Trophy, my European Championship speed trial winners plate, my British  Championship Trophy and my Gold BFA certificate.

With a few 1st place tournament rosettes thrown in for good measure!

Not to be outdone this is Chip with the same awards (we were both in the same team) but he has his BFA Platinum flyball award, a much higher one.

 And both of us together (I think Chips in front of my certificate on purpose...)

We are racing again next weekend so its just training tomorrow. But the big news is we have both joined a new Club so will be racing in new teams and with new dogs.... More updates shortly (hopefully!)  



Sam said...

Oh wow! That is fantastic!


Taryn said...

Congrats on such great flyball success!

Tell the boss to get busy blogging as we miss hearing about your adventures!