Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pretty as a picture

I had a bit of a calm start to the new week after all the excitement of the weekend. Chip went to Agility training so I had a nice walk around the picturesque nearby village.

This is a old cottage in the main street.

An interesting old style road sign

A very strangely named Public House

And me!

Do you think they use that watering can to water all those flowers?


Anonymous said...

What a pretty English Shepherd you are! And once again, what pretty scenery!

Elyse and Riley

Emma Rose said...

Lovely pictures! On the Turks Head sign it says "Free House". What does that mean? I've never seen that before :)

Emma Rose

An English Shepherd said...

Free House means that its not part of a chain or company owned. Its independent so they can sell what brand of beer and spirits that they like :-)


Margie M. said...

Lovely tour of the village. The older buildings are so much more interesting and quaint than those tall skyscrapers we see here in the U.S. big cities.

jamiebeau said...

What a lovely place to live, and what a perfectly lovely dog.

Valerie said...

Love that house... but your picture is definitely the best.

sagechronicles said...

Mom told me she loves to visit villages when she comes to the UK. Lovely pictures, especially of you!