Sunday, 29 December 2013

Its been a while

We have not posted on the blog for a while but we are still around. So before the year came to an end I thought we better update things!

This is me a few weeks ago having my photo taken outside the house. I still look the almost same...

This is Chip who as you can see is still finding all the best spots to sit and not fussed what he uses!

Tuppence has changed the most from a little puppy to a lanky teenager.

This is not her best photo (but I chose it!) This is a bit better one of her with me in the background .

Dare looks exactly the same (you couldn't tell if he is getting any greyer...)

And Breeze is still Breeze :-) This is her protesting after being taken for a walk in the rain recently...

Will try to update you on all the 2013 developments in the next few days .


Taryn said...

Welcome back!

Barb said...

I thought we'd lost you! Tuppence surely has grown but you're still as fine looking as ever.

The Army of Four said...

Ha roo! We've sure missed you! We've had a lot of changes at Ao4 Headquarters - some sad as can be, others quite wonderful.
Stop by when you can; it was great to see an update on all of you!
Play bows,

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to see you! Everyone is looking great! :)