Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunny Sunday

It was a very warm sunny spring day here today in west London.

So when it got a little bit cooler in the afternoon me, Auntie Breeze, Dare and Chip all went over to a country park that I have not been to before to have a run about chasing a tennis ball and checking out all the interesting new things.

There were a few other dogs and lots of people out for a walk in the sun as well but it was such a big country park we didn't really bump into them.


Ayla said...

Hi Wizz,
You are lucky to have sunshine - we've had cold rain here for 4 days straight. BORING! ~ if only they would let me out to chase the ducks who are just outside the house in the wet grass...

I know we need the rain because we have been really dry in past years, but it means I'm stuck inside. Bummer...

Tomorrow will be fun, though. Sandi and I are driving to meet our tracking coach Gretchen. Tracking is something you can do in the rain - the dampness really enhances the scent. We call it "Froggin' it" when we track in the rain. You should try it. English Shepherds have really great noses for tracking!

Your American 'cousin', Ayla

lakeviewer said...

I'm glad you had a fun day chasing tennis balls and playing around with your friends. It's always good to see you.

I see from your other visitor's suggestions that you can learn all kinds of new skills, like chasing ducks and 'frogging'.

My daughter's dog, "Walrus", who is a musician like her mom and dad, enjoys the rain when she plays with friends. But, since it rains over 100 inches here, she is mostly an indoor dog in the winter months. The game they play is bury the bone, hiding the bone in different places for her to sniff out and get rewarded when she succeeds. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

You look so stately standing there. Was there any robins out yet for you to chase? You told me they fly away as soon as you get close to them.

An English Shepherd said...


Cousin Ayla, they do Search and Rescue over here with dogs and I bet you would be good at that !

I don’t think I would like all that rain you have Lakeviewer , I would like running the mud into the house of course ;-)

No there weren’t any Robins Doreen. There was some Rooks that I ran after, but they saw me coming from miles away :-(

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.