Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lighting Strikes Flyball

Another flyball weekend. We are now racing with a brand new club called Lightning Strikes, long story apparently. They were racing at the Chilterns Show on both Saturday & Sunday. The weather was very odd, one minute raining and the next sunny!

This is Dare decked out in his new uniform. He was doing run backs in the ring before the races this weekend with one of the teams. He is still a starters dog but this will give him some real experience of the ring and the crowd.

Breeze & Chips team is called Grease Lightning sounds like a really cool name.


karensbrae said...

Grease lightning is a super name. I like Dares uniform.

Valerie said...

Ooo I like the name Grease Lightning.

kestrel said...

Well Dare sure looks cool and chic with that scarf around the neck. Matches the fur colour too. As for the name Lightning Grease, I can imagine the speed the two will be racing - unbetable