Friday, 28 August 2009

Cool new floor

We had a new type of floor laid in the hallway this week. Gone is the carpet and instead in its place we have a lovely wood laminate floor.

I do enjoy lying on a nice cool floor.

Is it me or does Auntie Breeze look a bit scary in the background with those glowing eyes !


Doreen said...

Nice floor. You will like it so much better especially in the hot summer. Yes Auntie Breeze does look a little spooky.


Oh no auntie breeze has the glowing eyes. She must be trying to scare off intruders on the new floor. Bigger question- does chip try to do flyball inside on the floor?

Valerie said...

Your eyes are sparkling too, Wizz. I like your new floor.

The Army of Four said...

Nice floor! Our mom did something this week called "re-tiling" downstairs where the hot water heater ruined our floor. I wasn't allowed to help for some reason. She would have been done a LOT faster with my help; I just know it.

Brownie said...

what a great floor! So much easier to clean! Your auntie looks a little... um... surreal!

kestrel said...

Be careful you do not put any marks on the new floor or you may get sent OUT. Ours got all scratched up by Daemon K9, we repolished it and he scratched it up again, We have not bothered to redo it. How about coming over and teaching my dog some manners?