Friday, 4 June 2010

Border Collie sulking

Its been another glorious sunny week here in West London. I think even the flowers are enjoying the weather.

But when its so hot they have to be watered in the evening or they start to sulk.

Speaking of sulking I went to some extra flyball training tonight with Dare and we had a great time. It was the first time I have been training since I was unusually attractive and confined to the garden.

No pictures of us training but this was Auntie Breeze when we got back.

I think she was sulking as she didn't get to have a go as well.


Levonne said...

She does look a little like she is sulking.

Gail said...

I believe she is.

janis said...

Awe~ she is still so pretty. As are your flowers.
My husband is taking a business trip to UK at the end of the month. I will have to find out where all he will be. I think he lands in Gasglow & heads north, anyway, I hope the weather will be fair then :)

Karen said...

Beautiful clematis. Is it a Nelly Moser? Mine is blooming right now. I envy you your weather, we have had a lot of rain lately, though hopefully heading into a better stretch.
Auntie Breeze does look a little put out:)

The Army of Four said...

I'm so glad you got to go! I feel bad for Auntie Breeze, though.
Mom loves your garden!

Emma Rose said...

Border Collies hate to be left behind!

Emma Rose

Valerie said...

Lovely flowers, especially the second one. I reckon Auntie Breeze was really enjoying the peace and quiet... grins.

An English Shepherd said...

Karen-I am not sure what sort cof Clementis it is but it is very nice.

Janis- Hope the Iceland volcano stays quite for you husband or he might be stuck for a while in Scotland ;-)

Wizz :-)

Doreen said...

Your clematis is beautiful. I have never had much luck with them even though everyone says they are easy to grow. The new camera takes great photos.