Saturday, 16 October 2010


Its been getting quite chilly this week, I think Autumn is finally on the way. Mind you having just blown my coat is bad timing!

We must make the most of the flowers in the garden whilst we still have them.

They still smell quite nice.


Anonymous said...

It has started getting pretty cool here can tell it's starting to be Fall. Wizz, you are so pretty! Here's hoping that your undercoat comes back soon!

Elyse and Riley

Barb said...

Well, Wizz, you're quite the gentleman - you're smelling the flowers not watering them:)

Valerie said...

The way you look at the camera makes me want to hug you.

Gail said...

There's my lovely dog, enjoying the sedum!!!

Emma Rose said...

We had frost this morning!
You are looking quite fine in that picture my friend :)


Emma Rose