Sunday, 16 October 2011

Foggy Flyball

This photo is not just the boss's poor photography it was really foggy when we set off to go to flyball training this morning.

Almost thick enough to be like a 'pea souper' that you see in those old films about London. But unfortunately Sherlock Holmes was not in the field in a horse drawn hackney cab waiting for us when we arrived.

We had a nice nice training session and all the fog had gone by lunch time anyway as the sun burnt it all away.

This is Auntie Breeze practicing her flyball box turns. The idea of the foam is to make you jump up horizontally and the wings to stop you running out wide. This make the turns faster and less stressful on your legs. Auntie Breeze does great box turns when she practices.

And we also did loads of zooming up and down over the jumps afterwards as well.


The Army of Four said...

Those foggy pix made me want to howl!!!
We always love to see your fly ball pix!
Play bows,

Sam said...

How fun to play in the fog! We are hoping Monty can play flyball eventually, but his lack of interest in agility is giving us second thoughts!


Farmchick said...

Love these flyball pics!

K-Koira said...

Looks like with that fog the season for outdoor flyball might be drawing to a close soon. But it does make for some pretty pictures.

Valerie said...

I wouldn't mind the fog if I could have the sun to burn it away.


cool frogger- oops I mean fog pictures. Auntie Breeze can spin it with the best. Woo are one skillful lady.

Levonne said...

I thought Auntie Breeze was warming feet there for a while. That's what Gingee loves to do.

Hound Girl said...

Hi guys we are your ew follower - we lookforward to being friends! Flyball is awesome - we have a doggie friend who does that - I love to watch.

Hound Girl said...

Hi guys we are your new follower and look forward to being friends!

Flyblal is awesome - we arent coordinated enough over here :)

Sophie said...

That is some serious fog!

Go, go, Breeze! :)