Thursday, 12 February 2009

Busy week so far

Another busy week so far. At least two walks every day this week plus last night we went to obedience classes , me and Auntie Breeze. I tried to be good of course.

Today its been snowing again but I don't think its settled. This is a picture of me having a bit of a rest and sharing the settee with Auntie Breeze.


ladyfi said...

So - tell me.. were you obedient? Or did you just do your meerkat impression again?

janis said...

Sleepy Puppies!
So sweet!
I think Whiz is really growing seen I started following! So glad you share the pics. I wish I took more photos when all of our dogs were growing up.

An English Shepherd said...

No I behaved myself and tried not do any impressions !

Yes my mum says I am growing really fast, mind you Auntie Breeze is a very small Border Collie ;-)