Friday, 13 February 2009

Do I look like ?

We went to PetsatHome today to buy some puppy food.

Some people asked what sort of Dog I was. My Mum told them I was an English Shepherd so they said 'is that the same as an German Shepherd...' I think I look much prettier.


Christopher said...

The obvious response is:

No. I'm healthy, smart, and my breed has actually been used to herd. The German "shepherd" can't say any of the above.

The German Shepherd is German, but no shepherd. And the English shepherd is not English, but is a shepherd. Between the two errors, ES come out ahead because no one is mistaken as to them being English.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are indeed very handsome:)

lakeviewer said...

Youa're getting bigger and wiser. What is flyball?

ladyfi said...

You're very pretty! Want to come home with me...?

An English Shepherd said...

Flyball is a teamsport for dogs 4 dogs race in a relay race against another team to bring tennis balls back from a spring-loaded box very quick and exciting. If you check out the FourPaws links on this blog it explains more

Agree about responce to the german shepherd comment ;-)

At the moment I would wander off with everyone :-)

janis said...

Whizz! That was meant as a compliment. The person was just a little uneducated. Unfortunately because you are rare in your area, you get to educate people about your wonderful breed.
Dakota (our Parti-Color Pomaranian) has the same problem. Everyone thinks he is a Papillon because most people don't know that Pomaranians dont have to be brown.
Chin up buddy! You are gorgegous and you have the opportunity to teach others about you!
ps check out Scotty's Place (link on my blog) they have a new puppy that needs a name. Your input would be grand!)