Thursday, 4 June 2009

Scene of the Crime

Its been a really hot week so far but I think the weather might be on the turn tomorrow which will be a shame.

This is me at the scene of the crime tonight. (see last post)

Me and Chip haven't got back in again this week so its still a mystery to everyone how we got in.

The favorite theories so far are :-

We jumped over or under the fence/gate.
We opened the gate.
We sneaked in behind someone who didn't notice.
The gate was not shut properly and when we got in it clicked shut behind us.

What do you think ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking smart fellows like you and Chip know how to open a little ole gate.
I imagine the sprinkler felt really good on a hot day, didn't it??

Have a great day.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You are a brilliant dog...I'm sure that the solution to the mystery will AMAZE us all!!!! ~Janine XO

BCxFour said... guess is the last one. I was suspicious my group opened up the gates when they were escaping - but what it turned out to be was very a simple broken latch. It usually is the simplest explanation...although it wouldnt suprise me if your gang can open it on their own! LOL

kestrel said...

You guys are far tooo smart to let a locked gate keep you away from some real fun with the sprinkler. Keep it up and show what we should already know, dogs have better IQ than humans!


I think the gate wasn't shut correctly. Will we ever know? Huh? I'm stumped.


Valerie said...

I give in! Go on Wizz, reveal all.

An English Shepherd said...

To put everyone out of their misery the Boss thinks that we sneaked in after them and then were up the end of the garden behind the garden shed so we were noticed straight away. Of course the boss is always right ;-)

As Sherlock Holmes one said ‘Once you eliminate the impossible whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth’

Mind you as Carolynn points out the Boss better keep an eye on the gate catch as well.

Wizz :-)