Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sunny Saturday

Another weekend and its watching flyball racing again. This time were are at Frimley Green. Really, really hot again this week.

This is me being a bit of a lap dog at the camp site. We are not camping as well because its not very far away for us.


karensbrae said...

Why sit on the ground when you can claim a knee!!

Valerie said...

Wizz, you're an old softy.

happyathome said...

Wizz, you look smaller on her lap! We have had this weird weather sitting over us for weeks now, everyone else has had scorching heat and sun. I do not mind not having the heat, but I need the sun!!!!!!!!!


Hee hee Wizz
I try that too! It doesn't matter the size.. does it?

kestrel said...

I like that name - a lapdog. Any reason why you are muzzled up with the cloth leash? Surely, you are not talking too much!!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes I think I am quite little ;-)

No Kestrel it is my special lead that stops me pulling :-)