Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cool new floor

We have a new floor in the living room. Its wooden to replace the old carpet, much cooler.

But there is also a nice little rug near the fire that looks very inviting for all those cold winter evenings that are on the way.

That's if someone else does not get there first.


Anonymous said...

On cold winter nights the three of you will all have to cuddle up together so you can all fit on the rug.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Yes, I'm sure you will share! I love these pictures! ~Janine XO

Lynn said...

You just need a slightly bigger rug to accomodate you both!

Emma Rose said...

We LOVE your new floor! That is exactly what the Duchess wants in our castle. *sigh* Someday!

Emma Rose

Brownie said...

oooo! I love your new floor! Momster wishes we had nice floors everywhere, but that dream is relegated to the eternal SOMEDAY! BOL!