Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Border Collie drop

Auntie Breeze has this odd habit when we are out. As you can see in this photo she runs out and then drops down to the ground when waiting for the tennis ball to be thrown.

You can see her a bit better in this picture.

Its something Border Collies do instinctively and its not trained into them. Its for when they herd sheep.

Its not something us English Shepherds would do. Plus that grass looks far to damp!


Brownie said...

BOL! Thank you but no thank you... I prefer to wait like you... no wet grass for me!

BCxFour said...

All our border collies do that - it is hysterical to see four lumps in the grass waiting...waiting.

The Army of Four said...

Zimmie does that when he sees someone he wants to go make friends with. Go figure.

Emma Rose said...

The trick is to get us to do it on command. We are still working on that here :)

Emma Rose

Valerie said...

Does Auntie Breeze ever catch colds from the wet grass?

An English Shepherd said...

She is to perfect apparently to catch a cold Val!

Wizz :-)