Sunday, 6 December 2009

Bath night

More very muddy flyball training today so it was baths all round tonight, apart from me.

Chip had the first bath. As you can see he really enjoys the water. That's my nose, I was checking out what was going on.

Dare does not like baths, can you tell... Look at the colour of the water !!!!

Chip was trying to get back in with him.


Emma Rose said...

That's so funny that Chip wanted to get back in! We don't like baths at our house, but we have to do it anyway :(

Emma Rose

The Army of Four said...

Oh NO!!!!! Not B-A-T-H-S!!! Oh, this is MOST distressing! I nearly passed out just reading the post title. Are you ok? Did you have to have one, too, Wizz? It's all so scary!!!

An English Shepherd said...

No I am fine thanks Ammy. I like B*ths but I am quite self cleaning a bit like some ovens... Did'nt need one today.

Chip loves water which is quite odd. He lauches himself into streams, ponds, baths anything at all!

Wizz :-)

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Stumpy LOVES the water, but not when it's in a bathtub. Did all four dogs get a bath?

I am glad you liked the Christmas decorations!

Valerie said...

Adorable pictures. My dogs were self-cleaning but on the occasions baths were necessary there was hell to pay. Catching Maxie was almost impossible.

kestrel said...

Chip looks really cute and Dare looks really sad. I hope you got warm water and a good towel dry.

An English Shepherd said...

Everyone but me got a bath this time :-)

janis said...

OMGosh! You give me smiles every post! I lvoe this photos! I love that your nose looks JUST LIKE BANDIT W/ DAKOTA IS GETTING HIS BATH! How hilarious! Bandit is always right there too!

Izzie said...

Chip is crazy! Why would anyone want to voluntarily get into the bathtub? Baths are HORRIBLE!!