Saturday, 19 December 2009

No more yet

No more snow falls overnight but it didn't melt in the garden anymore today. So it still looks very festive.

Me and Chip had a good game of rough and tumble on the lawn in the garden and the boss got a bit of it on video.

Chip said he thought it was more like a game of 'drag the terrier' than 'rough and tumble'.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Something tells me, if Chip wanted to, he could teach Wizz a serious lesson.

An English Shepherd said...

Yes Chip is a real Terrier but we both just love to play together :-)

(His teeth are much bigger than mine!!!)

Wizz :-)

Emma Rose said...

What a fun game of rough and tumble. We play that a lot too.

I don't know if you accept awards, but I have one waiting for you at my blog. Thanks for being our friend!

Emma Rose

Valerie said...

I love to see you and Chip playing. Hope there's plenty of goodies for you this Christmas.

Vicki said...

LOL ours know 'drag the terrier' all too well :-)


Hey Wizz
That did look like a terrier drag. I'm just glad u didn't do the terrier shake shake shake kill mode.

Lacey said...

Love the video.