Sunday, 14 March 2010

Flyball Box

Couldn't go to flyball training this week because of my cut paw, hopefully back to normal next week.

The boss took these pictures today at training of Chip getting the ball from the spring loaded box. When Chip triggers the box with his paws the tennis ball springs out.

Looking down at the flyball box Pre-Chip.(Chip has special small tennis balls)

This is Chip catching the ball.

And this is another one of Chip getting the tennis ball, do you think his hair is a bit long!


The Army of Four said...

You guys sure are smart to figure out how to do that fly ball!!!
Don't worry, Wizz - you'll be back at it before you know it!

Emma Rose said...

I agree. You guys are pretty darn talented to do that stuff!

Emma Rose

K9friend said...

Go, Chip, go!