Friday, 5 March 2010


I unexpectedly stayed at the vets last night. I had a little accident whilst out in the park yesterday. It only looked like a little cut with hardly any blood but the fur and skin on my front paw was flapping about!

The vet put some stitches in it and then I stayed in overnight so they could keep an eye on me because of the anaesthetic. I came home again this morning. I am not allowed out for walks until next week sometime.

Can someone explain why they have put this cone on my head?

I keep banging into the furniture with it so its seems really stupid.


Emma Rose said...

Oh no! The dreaded cone!!! I am so sorry you hurt yourself. But I am totally feeling bad about you having to wear that awful thing! If you leave your stitches alone maybe your Mum will take it off.

Poor baby :(

Emma Rose

An English Shepherd said...

I have already had a nibble when it was taken off, so its back on again :-(

Wizz :-)

Samantha said...

Just think of it as a picture frame that is temporarily stuck on your head! :p Geet better soon, and it will go away!!

janis said...

Oh Wizz~
Baby I am so sorry. The cone looks...kindof pretty :)
Chin Up, and Carry on!

K9friend said...

Those cones really are crummy to wear. But the end result is goo.

K9friend said...

Whoops! I meant GOOD!

Gail said...

You are the second dog today who I have seen wearing THE CONE!

You will be well before you know it. Just think of all the petting you are gonna get.

Anonymous said...

Hey think of it as a fashion statement. How many others have a big collar like that? I am sorry you hurt your foot though and I hope it heals fast for you and you will be able to get rid of the cone very soon. Our Brandy also had a trip to the vets last week and she will be a little sore for awhile.

Valerie said...

Poor Wizz. My Maxie hated his cone, too. Just think of the good it does, stopping you licking the wound. Hope it gets better very quickly.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, Wizz! You poor thing! Is your owie healing OK?
Just pretend you've been partying and were dancing on the table with a lampshade on your head. Maybe that'll help.
You still look really cute!
Play bows,

Bandit's Pack said...

Oh, dear. Poor Wizz. Bandit understands completely. Heal soon so you get that thing off.

Jax said...

Oh poor Wizz! Get well soon darling! xxx