Sunday, 18 September 2011

Paws in the Park, Flyball

Everyone, apart from me, went to another flyball tournament today. It was held in Kent at a big dog show called Paws in the Park.

There was lots of other things going on for dogs to do and lots of stuff to buy for dogs.

Some of it a bit expensive. This was a special settee just for dogs that you could buy that costs £149.00 !

But back to the Flyball . Auntie Breeze and Dare both raced in the same team and came 1st place in their Division.

Chip's team raced in Division 3 today and his team also came 1st not losing a race all day which is very impressive.

Not only does Chip look like he enjoyed himself but his box turns were very, very good again today.

He is now lying down recovering on our 'normal' settee at home.


Farmchick said...

Great action shots of Chip!

Valerie said...

Love the action shot of Chip. Sorry you couldn't be there. BTW, did the boss buy that settee for you?

K-Koira said...

Nice turn Chip!

Sometimes its just plain ridiculous what people spend money on for their dogs! (Then again, I shouldn't add up how much I spend on flyball every year with the dogs, or else I should probably just got buy that settee and let them become couch potatoes!)

RYKER said...

Your a real go getter Chip! I'm thinkin' you may be even faster than me!

Sophie said...

Way go to! Sounds like Chip and his team are awesome!

The 'dog settee' is just silly though. £149, wow.

Levonne said...

Go Chip! You're a definite go getter!

Matron said...

Looks like fun there. I was going to Paws in the Park, but I got a pitch down in Brighton at 'PupAid' on the same day. Maybe next year.