Saturday, 29 December 2012

Santa's day off

When you go down the local Park you don't expect to see one off these wandering around the car park.

Perhaps Father Christmas was out walking his dogs as he now has a bit of time on his hands.

To be fair Busy Park where we went today do have a herd of Deer living in it but these were unusually close.

When we got away from them fortunately the boss did let us have a bit of a run about.

  Its a big Park so you can see if anyone or any deer, are coming close.

And its a great place for a good run around.


janis said...

Wow! Are those Mule deer? Our deer do not have antlers that massive.. He looks like a cross between a Moose & Deer... SO Im thinking maybe a Mule Deer?

Norma Vieira Morrison said...

I go hiking near my house and see deer and other animals but never as close as these. Thanks for pictures of Adam and Eve, parents. I don't think I ever heard of other dogs by those names.