Monday, 13 April 2009

Chewing (not Easter Eggs)

Apparently we are not allowed to eat chocolate Easter Eggs because they are bad for dogs, so we have to make do with chewing something else.

This is a picture of Dare having a go at a dog chew.

And this is a picture of Chip having a go at the same dog chew, but hiding under the chair so Dare cannot see him...


Anonymous said...

I remember one Christmas that we had to sit on the floor or on kitchen chairs because our dog stole a box of chocolates from under the tree and ate the whole box. He got so sick and it was coming out both ends all over the chesterfield, chair, rug - everywhere he went. When we walked into the living room - we walked into a disaster area. He was so sick that he almost died from dehydration. So I know chocolate is not good for dogs.

equinox1010 said...

Happy day after Easter! If our dog has not had a bone or some treat she is laying one the couch if not geting into trouble