Thursday, 16 April 2009

Having a sniff about

Today me and Chip went hunting to see what we could find. I started by having a good sniff about. I am quite good at this because apparently English Shepherds do sometimes hunt .

As you can see I found an interesting Rabbit burrow and Chip moved in to investigate it further.

Unfortunately Chip then showed he is a lot better designed for looking down holes than me. So I pretended to be the look out, rather than the look down.
We didn't find anyone home in the burrow today ...


Jax said...

What a great life she has. Her sister, Tilly, has now started doing tracking - her owners can lay out a track the day before and she will find and follow it! Cool, eh?!

lakeviewer said...

Keep sniffing around. You never know what's out there.

An English Shepherd said...

Tracking sounds interesting, very clever of Tilly to find a trail after so long.

Yes I will keep sniffing, I generally find my dinner in the end ;-)