Thursday, 23 April 2009

Walk by the Road

We went for another walk tonight which is fairly usual for me but what was not usual is this time I went along with Dare.

Dare likes to stare at the cars (apparently its a bit of Border Collie thing) but he has been quite good and calm recently when he is out and about so I went with him today.

As you can see we both behaved ourselves.


happyathome said...

A bit of a BC thing.....a major BC thing! Every time I wal with my BC Hana and a car is coming, I have to put her in a sit next to me and tell her to wait. She stairs down the car going by, sometimes losing control and lunging. IT seems to be all about the movement and wheels. She does the same to bicycles, tractors but not strollers...that is strange. She HATES bicycles, there seems to be not conditioning her with them. Intense I completely understand.

kestrel said...

Beautiful colour coat Dare has. I saw a cat with that colour - grey on the bluish side but it was RM 2000, so I gave it a miss!! Do you have to hair dry the dogs after a bath, I do for my Spitz

janis said...

My guys (& gal) need to go for a walk. I will def. make a better attempt to accomplish this weekend. Thanks for inspiring me!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Well done you two!

An English Shepherd said...

HH, I was being a bit 'understated' about Dare, but he is getting better. Auntie Breeze who is a BC as well never does this !

K, Dare only has a bath when he smells! If he has a bath he just gets a rub down with a towel :-( His colour is called a Blue Merle.

J, good luck to you with your walk ;-)

& thanks ludo :-)

Anonymous said...