Saturday, 2 May 2009

Small tennis ball

We have been to Weybridge in Surrey. Whilst there I had a play with one of Chips special small tennis balls which was in the car. They are very hard to keep hold of because of their small size.

The boss thought I looked a bit like a ballerina doing their stretching & warm up exercises in this photo.


Dick said...

I have only been gone for a week, and you seem to have grown more.

Valerie said...

Hello, I just caught sight of your blog. Lovely pictures. I'm going to explore further.....Valerie

I have two blogs if you would like to visit .... Val's Ramblings and Val's Diary.

Anonymous said...

You do favor a ballerina a wee bit in the picture, and a pretty one at that!
Have a great weekend.

kestrel said...

You look as if you are having a good scratch on the grass and loving it, make sure there are no thorns.