Friday, 22 May 2009

St Ann's Hill

We went for a nice walk on the St Ann's Hill Nature trail in Runnymead. There were loads of interesting smells. Its a really old wood apparently the chapel of St Ann stood on this hill in 1334, and before that it was the site an iron age fort when it was called Eldbury Hill prior to the Roman invasion of Britain in 43AD which sounds quite a while ago.

I dashed about all over the place looking for stuff and things but didn't catch anything.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

St. Ann's Hill? Are you located in Surrey? I may have been your neighbor once upon a time...What a beautiful, cool and peaceful walk!~Janine XO


I think u and I would get along great.. sometimes my nose leads the way too. That looks like a great trail.


BCxFour said...

Oh what a lovely historic place to romp and play! I simply adore history...thank you for sharing that tidbit with us!

An English Shepherd said...

Hi Janine, we live just over the border in Middlesex so we were sort of neighbors!

Norwood I think we would get along great.

My Boss enjoys history as well so I think we will be going to loads more interesting places Carolynn.

Wizz :-)