Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wimbledon Flyball

We have been really busy again this weekend. Saturday and Sunday we went to a flyball tournament in Wimbledon which is quite close to us so we did not have to drive far. This is all of us in the car when we got there.

On Saturday Dare took part in a starters competition and his team came third. On Sunday Auntie Breezes team FourPaws Flying ran and they came first in their division and did not lose a race all day which was very good.

Chip was also racing but in his first ever tournament having only done starters races before. He is a very small dog so he jumps with 7 inch jumps making him a height dog. His team FourPaws Running also came first in there division also winning every race. Chip is fast for a small dog he has been timed doing his leg at 4.7 seconds, which sounds really fast to me!

This is Dare feeling a bit tired after all the racing.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dare is charming!!!! You are a wonderfully athletic doggie family! Most impressive! ~Janine XO

lakeviewer said...

You are all charming and smart. Keep it up.


Wow! I would've love to see the flyball competition. No doubt dare was fabby.


karensbrae said...

Well done Dare

kestrel said...

Congrats, a real champion family sweeping away all the prizes. Must be in the genes.

Valerie said...

At first I wondered what a flyball was.I wish I could have seen the fun... your dogs are really great.
Reading about it did me good after publishing my bit about dogs.

Anonymous said...

That is great,congrats to all;)