Sunday, 8 May 2011

Robin Hood Flyball Racing

We all have just got back from a very busy weekends flyball racing.

This time we were in Brentwood in Essex at the Ramsdens flyball Clubs Tournament. It was held as part of the Robin Hood Game and Country Show so we had a bit of a crowd to watch us race and loads of stalls to visit and spend money.

I raced on Saturday with my Team Lightning Flash and Auntie Breeze and Dare also raced with their teams Lightning Tornadoes and Lightning Sparks. This is me in full flight racing.

My team had a very successful day winning all our races and also the Division. This is link to a video of me and my team. (I am the last dog)

On Sunday Chips flyball team Grease Lightning also raced and they were in Division 2. It had got loads windier overnight but this didn't seem to slow him and his teammates down.

His team also won all their races so they won there division as well. This is a blowier video of them all racing. (Chip is the very small last dog)

But what I have forgot to mention is that on Saturday Auntie Breezes team also won their Division and so did Dare and his team. So we all got first places which is quite an achievement!

This is all of us back in our garden showing off our first place Rosettes.

I think getting us all to stay still for this picture was nearly as hard as the weekends racing...


Sophie said...

Well done everyone! First places all round - that's fantastic! I think all the dogs deserve a couple of days to relax with nice meaty bones now.

Taryn said...

What a wonderfully successful weekend! Congrats on all those first place ribbons!

Farmchick said...

What a great group shot and so nice to see all of you together. Congrats on the wins!!!!!

Sam said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

We couldn't see the videos but Mom is pretty sure it's our 'puter, not your blog.


K-Koira said...

Well done! Looks like a good time for sure.

I noticed you have padding over the tops of all the jumps, and was wondering if that is standard over in England? We recently started doing that at practice here, but as far as I know it is not allowed at tournaments.

Valerie said...

Success all round... wonderful. Loved the video and pics.

euthymic said...

Wow, that is amazing! Truly a sporty family and very excellent at it too:)

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

RYKER said...

You guys are awesome! Congratulations!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes the foam is always on top of the jumps in the UK at tournaments.

Its to help avoid dogs hurting themselves on the jumps if they knock them when jumping :-)