Sunday, 19 August 2012

2012 British Flyball Championships

We were off to the British Championships this weekend. Its quite a drive from where we live in the Midlands at the same venue as last year, Arbury Hall near Nuneaton. It has with some very picturesque views.

I was in the same team as last week with Dare joining us as 5th Dog just in case we got any injuries which fortunately we did not.

It had rained heavily so the ground was quite soft but as the day went on it got dryer so did not affect our racing to much.

The British Flyball Championships are the biggest flyball event to take place in the UK and there are over 30 divisions racing over 3 days so that's a lot of very close racing. The other nice thing is you tend to race against teams that you don't normally see and make lots of new friends, but more about that in my next post!

We raced yesterday and we enjoyed some tight contests against some determined opposition.

Chip gave us quite an advantage in the soft conditions as our teams jumps were set at the minimum height  because he is so small but super fast all day long.

We won the most races in our Division and also got the fastest time to become 2012 Divisional British Flyball Champions. Along with our 2012 European Championship a few weeks ago we are not having a bad 2012!

 We all enjoyed ourselves at the Championships and Chip particularly was flying yesterday...




NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Congrat's to you and your team on your win! I wish I could have come and watched-what fun; I do know you all have to work hard though to beat the other teams. I'm wondering if this is something that our little Hunter could do when he is a bit older.
Happy Days to you.
Noreen & Hunter

Sam said...

Oh how fun! We'd love to try that with Monty, but we have yet to find a club near us.


Molly The Wally said...

Good luck. Have a great Monday.
Best wishes Molly