Sunday, 12 August 2012

My new personal best race time!

I had quite a successful day yesterday at the Jets Flyball tournament. Getting new new fastest ever time for me of 4.06 seconds in a race leg yesterday!

The previous fastest I have ever run was only a few weeks ago and it was 4.19 seconds. The difference doesn't sound a lot but apparently it is. I also did loads of 4.2 second runs as well so I was quite consistent during all the racing.

So thats 4.06 seconds to run  51-foot (15.5 m) over 4 jumps get a tennis ball from the box whilst turning at the same time and running back over the same 4 jumps another 51-feet to the finish line with the next dog in my team coming towards me and also racing another team of dogs at the same time.

The boss didn't realise that I could run that fast and I think its also the fastest recorded time of any dog in our Club so far this year has got in open Flyball competition.

Even faster than all those manic Border Collies in the Club have done (sorry Auntie Breeze and Dare!).

Chip of course was his normal reliable super fast little dog self yesterday giving those big dogs a run for their money.

 He is one very determined and fast little Terrier, he ran a 4.7second leg in the 1st race of the day and in the last race of the day. Thats what you call super consistent.

So we are having a bit of a rest today after all yesterday’s exertions. OK where has that Tennis ball gone ...


Taryn said...

WOW! That does sound incredible fast! Good job and congrats!

Sophie said...

That sure is fast! Flyball always looks so impressive, too.

Sam said...

That is super fast! Wow!


K9friend said...

Congratulations! That is an amazing accomplishment.

Critter Alley

Michelle said...

Way to go!

Charlene and Storm said...

well done guys! xxx i am certain the fact that you were wearing turquoise harnesses is the reason you did so well, they are good luck charms im certain, he he! xxx