Sunday, 5 August 2012

Flyball in the rain

We had the first of two weeks racing at Fairview on Saturday. We have at least three races a year at this venue and the tournaments are run by a club called the Jets who actually held the word record for the fastest flyball racing time of 16.75 seconds in 1997.

Me  and Chip raced in the same team again but we had a new first (lead) dog so we had a different name from last week, Lightning Shocks .  The normal order of dogs in this team was Teddy (Lilac Border Collie) Java (Lab/English Springer Spaniel) Me (English Shepherd) and Chip (Patterdale Terrier). This is us getting ready to race yesterday.

I think I was quite keen to get started in that race.

We did OK and got a 3rd place in our Division and set a new fastest team time off 18.27 in the very first race which was faster than the last two weeks teams that me and Chip raced  even the one that won the European Championship last week. But we did fizzle out in the afternoon so we will have to work on our changeovers in next weeks racing.

You do get an idea off just how little Chip is in that photo as he is being held. He is only about the size off a normal domestic cat (but don't tell him that!) 

It did rain a in the morning but we missed most off it when weactually raced. But if we didn't have rain the grass wouldn't be nice and green.

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Sophie said...

I always love seeing the action shots, and well done on the new time!