Saturday, 17 January 2009

Out today

We were due to go flyball training today, well Breeze Dare & Chip were and I was going to watch them. But it rained heavily overnight so it was called off. I went out with Breeze and Dare anyway, this is us in the car just about to set off.


janis said...

Wiz is beautiful! As well as Dare, Chip & Breeze.

What is Flyball?

I found your site as I have been following both Lori & Willows blogs for a while and saw you are following them now.
Come visit us sometime, we have three pups (well, not pups anymore) and they are often written about as well as the cats, daughters, husband, and life.

An English Shepherd said...

I will visit.

Flyball is a dog sport, a team of fourdogs running a relay race aganst other teams. Very fast and our dogs love it!

Jackie said...

Wow she looks huge sat there! I'm so happy Dare is good with her. How is her training coming along? Jackie

An English Shepherd said...

Yes she is getting qute big :-)

Wizz will do a good sit and a down now (only with food in your hand!) and he recall is coming along.

Stuart & Lynda