Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The word is spreading

Word is spreading about how comfy Dares crate is so my Auntie Breeze came to see if the rumors were true. I don't think she was pleased when I joined her to have a nap.

Hopefully I am off to obedience training later.


Ludo van puppy said...

You'll have to hide it, or you'll never be able to sleep in it soon!

janis said...

Awe! Our dogs do that too! We had a great big(21 pounds) cat that loved Bandits crate too! He'd so mad when Mario would get in it!

Right now all three dogs are sacked out on the couch (with one cat) after a long day playing in the snow.
Thank you for commenting on our post about it. Wizz would have been welcomed in the fun! Dakota had little snow balls dangled & tangled in his belly, neck & leg fur! Had to use the blow dryer to get them aff after all the running around in the snow!

Jackie said...

Aww cute. Breeze is so tiny!